Valusol Inc. offers all its environmental rehabilitation, decontamination, removal of equipment or oil tanks and dredging services to a diverse clientele in the commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors. Our company can meet the requirements of oil companies, petrochemical plants, large oil distribution banners, commercial garages, and car dealerships. We also count among our customers several manufacturing and processing companies of all kinds. We have many times worked on challenging logistics and done the job brilliantly in schools, health care settings and prisons. To this list are added the partnership work for the MTQ and the MDDELCC.

Our main services are :
› Environmental rehabilitation with specific and technical support measures to preserve the integrity of buildings, pipes and infrastructure;
› Environmental rehabilitation involving exceptional technical constraints and advanced knowledge of geology;
› Environmental rehabilitation with respect for and good understanding of compensation measures;
› The excavation of all contaminated soils;
› Management and disposal of contaminated soils: proof of disposal provided;
› Removal of all types of underground and aboveground tanks;
› Emptying and cleaning tanks;
› Management and disposal of contaminated water and oily residues: proof of disposal provided;
› Management and disposal of tanks in accordance with the standards in force;
› Dismantling of petroleum equipment of all kinds;
› The measurement and safe management of gases and vapours during works;
› Backfilling and finishing;
› The safe removal of vermiculite and its regulatory provision;
› Demolition in the presence of asbestos or any other dangerous contaminants or hazardous materials in accordance with the requirements of the CNESST;
› The elimination of moulds under negative pressure;
› Waterproofing of foundations;
› Repair of foundations involving the installation of stabilizing piles;
› Reconstruction of infrastructure, sewers, retention basins, parking lots and all other civil engineering structures following the rehabilitation of the site;
› Monitoring of water quality and treatment of groundwater during works;
› Complete site management and unparalleled management of documented information;
› Proposals for work methodology based on compliance with the requirements of plans and specifications, their adequate understanding and best professional practices;
› Dredging and drying of contaminated sediments.