An oil tank on your property?

Do not wait until it perforates! Eliminate risk and restore your property to its full value.

Proposed services:

  • Removal of all types of underground tanks;
  • Emptying and cleaning tanks;
  • Management and disposal of contaminated water and oily residues: proof of disposal provided;
  • Management and disposal of the tank according to local standards;
  • Measuring and safe management of gases and vapours during the work;
  • Work done under the supervision of an accredited RBQ expert if required.

A problem associated with the presence of asbestos, lead or other contaminants?

No problem! We have an enabling
and turnkey solution for you.

Proposed services :

  • The safe removal and proper disposal of vermiculite;
  • Demolition in the presence of asbestos or any other dangerous contaminant;
  • Removal of mould under negative pressure;
  • Waterproofing foundations;
  • The repair of French drains;
  • Repair of foundations involving the installation of stabilizing piles;
  • Reconstruction of infrastructure following site rehabilitation.

We remove and manage contaminated soil, whatever its nature and location, while preserving the integrity of your building or your residence. The services offered are :

  • The excavation of all contaminated soils;
  • Presenting plans prepared by a structural engineer;
  • The establishment of a support system; piles and retaining wall;
  • Openwork of pipes;
  • Hydro excavation of contaminated soil;
  • Management and traceability of the disposal of contaminated soil with supporting proof;
  • Backfill and finish ready for your sought-after landscaping.